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Pulsans Technology works with government and private entities across all industries. The focus of Pulsans Technology is on ICT Solutions & Innovation. The ICT Innovation & Research theme identifies technological innovations and solutions that can be developed in addressing issues in health, education, agriculture, IT security and capacity building. Our policy focuses research on the uptake and impact of ICT bringing forth new solutions, technologies, training methodologies, innovation models that may require new policy direction to achieve their full potential.


We specilaize in reseling cyber security tools, pen-etration testing and capacity building for organiza-tions and individuals that want to stay well equiped against cyber threats and breaches


We are the best at equiping your financial institution with the latest technology in software and gadgets to improve perfomance and compliance


We develop innovative, easy and creative ways students have access to study materials, educators provide lessons and schools utilize technology to provide better eductaion

Results in the industries we work in high quality and extraordinarily personalized The structure of our firm enable us to obtain.


We provide gthe helath industry with well rounded cutting edge technology that improves manage-ment of resources, data management and analysis


Through development of mobile applications we provide media companies the baility to reach their audience in a modern and intuitive way with mini-mal costs

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