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We launched our company with the goal of establishing a society that uses novelty, inspiration, originality and technology to fulfil its business and personal needs. In the world that we live in today, technology is the fundamental principle of innovation and success in every walk of life. Having understood this phenomenon, we embodied the idea of using technology for the evolution of our community, thus came forth our motto Empowering Technology Changes

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“ We are a company of extremely motivated professionals, exceptional at what we do. Our company has several teams of highly skilled professionals specially trained to cater to the exact needs of our customers ”

In order to convert our vision into reality we brainstormed, researched and found the best possible solutions to the needs and problems that businesses or people can possibly face, making it possible for our customers to have the best in technology in this present era. We have dedicated ourselves towards our mission to provide high quality, efficient, effective, reliable and best solutions available. The will to serve our society and the commitment to our mission has made it possible for us to provide our clients with state-of-the-art technological solutions. Our effort and team creativity is the cherry on top, we align our creative engine with technology, we work according to company principles and values that are geared towards better customer service

Company Scope oF Work

We work with various clients across a range of industries and we utilize creativity in a way that is perfect for each of our client. It has been the primary motive of Pulsans Technology to provide its customers with the best possible services at the lowest prices without having to compromise on quality of the services. This is the reason why such a diverse range of customers trust Pulsans Technology for their service

We have a diverse team within our company each of which specializes in different areas of business, you can be sure that you will receive personalized services. Our teams remain up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to prove themselves in every industry

Whatever the level of support you require, be sure that we will have a package that meets your needs. All our professionals are highly experienced in the areas in which they work and have been through a thorough recruitment process to ensure they deliver high standards that are required to improve your business and needs




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Industries We Specialize In

Pulsans Technology works with government and private entities across all industries. The focus of Pulsans Technology is on ICT Solutions & Innovation. The ICT Innovation & Research theme identifies technological innovations and solutions that can be developed in addressing issues in health, education, agriculture, IT security and capacity building. Our policy focuses research on the uptake and impact of ICT bringing forth new solutions, technologies, training methodologies, innovation models that may require new policy direction to achieve their full potential.


We specilaize in reseling cyber security tools, pen-etration testing and capacity building for organiza-tions and individuals that want to stay well equiped against cyber threats and breaches


We are the best at equiping your financial institution with the latest technology in software and gadgets to improve perfomance and compliance


We develop innovative, easy and creative ways students have access to study materials, educators provide lessons and schools utilize technology to provide better eductaion

Pulsans Technology stays onboard with new technology to realise the following ;


Technology simplifies life , the goal is to engage with development stake-holders to partner with Pulsans in developing IT solutions for the aim of improving small businesses efficiency and the youth.


Technology should be used to improve people’s lively hoods, our re-search in technology solutions has the sole purpose of finding solutions to community problmes in health, education, finance etc.


Staying ahead of the curb provides an advantage to any business or individual. Utilizing technology effectively provides an upper hand over competitors in all areas of business in the world.


Through technology we can achieve sustainable growth in the economy, socila life and health. We so much data available we can use technology to collect it, analyze it and interprete it, thus help us predict events that we can prepare for in advance.

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Our mission is simple providing high quality, relevant and compelling services that customers can only get from Pulsans Technology Limited www.pulsans.com

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