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Welcome to Pulsans Technology where we make “impossible” a none existent word in the dictionary.

Case Studies

Digital Economy

An insight on how digital businesses operate, how other countries have adapted to the growth of the digital economy & expansion of the local tax base by collecting tax from businesses that do not have a physical presence in the country.


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Big data & Cyber Security

The accumulation of data is increasing daily at an exponential rate and the high-profile nature of data breaches can be extremely damaging for a company/government/individual. Therefore, the ability to protect data is crucial for survival.

Techno Progress

Technology simplifies life, the goal is to engage with development stake-holders to partner with Pulsans in developing IT solutions for the aim of improving small businesses efficiency and the youth who play a big part in innovation.

Technology and its impact on MFI’s in Tanzania

Tanzania has one of the most flourishing microfinance sector in the East African region. For the past decade the sector has benefited from improvement in technology. Find out how we have contributed to the improvement of this sector.

Systematically managing data & information is key to success

Properly managing data & information is critical in decision making, coordination, control, analysis, and visualization of information in an organization. learn how at Pulsans we can make that possible for you.

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