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Extended Human Resource Manager

The extended human resource management system (Xhrm) is a platform to manage your labour capital (temporary and permanent). The system gears towards amplifying an organizations core value of com-mitment by implementing a system that will endorse accountability of results.

Xhrm off site

Xhrm provides your organization with features such as staff profiling, leave management, staff atten-dance reports etc. All these fucntionalities can be done online and at the comfort of the responsible personnel.

Xhrm on site

Xhrm provides your organization with the ability to keep track of your on site projects and activities, for projects and ons site labour force management Xhrm is integrated to a mobile gadget that can be used to record labour attendance, record and updating labour information. Xhrm on site can work without the need of internet connectivity but whenever internet connection is available it will automatically sync data recorded on the mobile gadget online thus keeping all information up to date and consistent. It completely removes the aspect of using paper work to manage labour on projects in remote areas.


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